The Central Europe Chamber of Commerce would like to cordially inform and invite you to participate in the project to establish the CE InnoHUB Accelerator.

The Accelerator's mission is to strengthen the Polish startup ecosystem through the transfer of innovative ideas, business culture and talent from abroad and to create the image of Poland as the first choice country in Central and Eastern Europe for foreign startups. The purpose of the Accelerator will be to attract foreign startups with innovative technological solutions, interested in establishing and developing their business in Poland with the participation of Technology Recipients and Investors.

The gas pedal has attracted a number of foreign partners with whom it will conduct scouting activities that will result in foreign startup teams being able to submit their applications.

The countries where we will be looking for innovative ideas are mainly the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Georgia. Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of submitting an idea from any other country.

Why such a direction of interest for the Accelerator?

Over the past few years, the Chamber has been involved in the implementation of many international activities dedicated to young people. Functioning in the international environment of youth organizations where, together with the Semper Avanti Association and many Foreign Partners, we have implemented projects, we have seen interest in developing businesses and opening them in new markets, including European ones. Correlating this with the potential of individual markets, we estimated the efficiency and effectiveness of acquiring innovative startup ideas. The analysis of the innovation environment, the development of new ideas in the above-mentioned markets, as well as the long-established contacts with Partners ensure that we obtain positive conditions for the achievement of our goals.

More information will be posted soon on the Accelerator website, in the application regulations and application form.

The first call for applications under the gas pedal is planned for June 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at