By decision of the Board of the Chamber on 25/08/2017, the Arbitration Court of the Central European Chamber of Commerce was established. The person responsible on the part of the Board of the Chamber for the activities and work of the Court was Wojciech Malicki, attorney-at-law, Member of the Board of the IGEŚ. Legal counsel Rafal Adamus was appointed as the chairman.

Arbitration is a recognized and valued mode of dispute resolution. Speed of proceedings, confidentiality, professional preparation of arbitrators, saving of time and money - these are the arguments most strongly in favor of economic arbitration. The Arbitration Court can also conduct economic mediation.


Arbitration courts are independent of ordinary courts, and their judgments have equal legal force. Arbitration is characterized by greater simplicity of proceedings, and is less formalized. It operates single-instance, based on clear rules. The parties to a dispute jointly appoint arbitrators and agree to their award. There is no appeal against an award made in arbitration proceedings.

In order for a dispute to be resolved by arbitration, the parties to a legal relationship must agree to this in the form of an agreement called an arbitration clause. Are you a party to a conflict or simply want information or advice?

Feel free to contact the Chamber office – office@cecc.ngo

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