Mediation as an alternative way of resolving disputes allows, with the participation of a third party, to work out the best solution between the parties. The basic principles of mediation include full confidentiality, impartiality of the mediator and voluntary participation of the parties. A settlement reached before a mediator can later be approved by the Court and have its enforcement power.
The Chamber of Commerce of Central Europe cooperates with the YES Mediation Institute operating at the Semper Avanti association in Wroclaw. The institute brings together 11 mediators registered on the list of the District Court in Wroclaw.Among the Institute's mediators are many business practitioners who have been running their own companies or co-managing leading companies in their industries in our region for years.
These are individuals who have knowledge and practical experience in economic matters. Thanks to such skills, they can be excellent guardians of the process, which culminates in a settlement that satisfies all parties.