Piotr Wojtyna

Piotr Wojtyna

Joined: October 18, 2010

Address: Wrocław

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About myself

An entrepreneur by choice, a humanist by passion. I am fascinated by people and curious about what they do and what challenges they have.

I am constantly improving my listening skills. Thanks to it, I get to where many have already knocked but no one invited them. And they invited me ;-) I love networking and meeting new people.

I privately suggest to busy entrepreneurs how:
- increase productivity at work by taking holistic care of body, health,
- minimize the effects of stress.


I am currently developing and implementing viable scenarios for companies:
- how to effectively reduce your carbon footprint,

- how to realistically save on energy costs,

- where to get the funds for this,

- i explain what it is and why to act today towards ESG.


School of practical business


Wopika Group sp z o.o.


January 2018 - Currently

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