Piotr Humeńczuk

About myself

Hobbies and skills: Investing in the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Swimming, Sailing (I have a sea helmsman's license) Hiking in the mountains, Literature, Polish and World History after 1945, International economic and political relations, Classical music.



Professional Negotiation in Business; Avenhansen, Business Law, Avenhansen, 2010, 2011 Business Taxation (2007), International Business Law (2007), Financial Reporting (2008), Audit and Assurance (2008), Business Analysis (2009), Corporate Reporting (2009), a series of training courses at BPP Professional Education Team Management and Relationship Building, Ernst & Young Academy of Business, 2008 Leadership Academy, American Express Financial Advisors Inc, USA, 2001 Course on investment advisor at the Center for Capital Market Education, 2000 English language course at the "Oświata" school, 1999

Certificates: European Language Competence License, Business English, Code No. PLA001232 Wirtschaftsdeutsch, Fachhochschule Bielefeld, WD , 2000 First Certificate in English, Cambridge University, FCE, 1999


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
2007 - 2009
ACCA Affiliate status, ACCA Certificate

Academy of Economics in Wroclaw
2001 - 2006
doctoral studies in financial management

Academy of Economics in Wrocław
1996 - 2001
master's degree in finance and banking


Agencja Restrukturyzacji i Wsparcia Biznesu Sp. z o.o.



  • Conducting restructuring processes for entrepreneurs and individuals with regard to excessive debt
  • Restructuring advice on debt sanitation
  • Conducting negotiations with clients' creditors

Santander Consumer Bank S.A.

Director of the Procurement Department, Director of the Procurement and Administration Department

04.2011 - until now

  • Manage budgeting and operating cost analysis processes (430M PLN)
  • Experience in merger processes of capital companies (legal merge)
  • Operational analysis related to business processes (KPI)
  • Management of purchasing and commitment processes
  • Management analysis for the board of directors
  • Managing a team of 70 people, 4 key business processes
  • +30,000. sq. m. of leased office space

AIG Bank Polska S.A.

Manager of the Operational Controlling Team, Director of the Procurement Department.

07.2008 – 02.2010

  • Management of operational cost analysis processes
  • Operational analysis related to business processes (KPI)
  • Managing a team of 3 specialists
  • Financial analysis for management
  • Reporting on the status of the bank's strategic project portfolio to the board of directors and to the parent company in the US

AIG Credit S.A.

Financial Controller

01.2006 - Nov 2008

  • Budgeting for costs
  • Analysis of investment projects
  • Financial reporting in US GAAP standards
  • Development of cost models for internal service pricing

Grupa Carlsberg Polska

Financial Analyst

07.202 -12.20005

  • Budgeting of costs and revenues
  • Sales analysis
  • Management of external IT service providers
  • Financial reporting
  • Participation in the implementation of ERP and CRM systems

American Express Financial Advisors Inc.

Financial Analyst

10.2001 – 01.2002

  • Capital market analysis
  • Help with customer service
  • Performing business valuations

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