How to build a portfolio?

Portfolio is very important today. When recruiting for a desired job, it may turn out to be even more important than a CV. Why? Because the portfolio is the best evidence of your skills, which is very important to your employer! However, how and where to create a professional portfolio? What to put in it? In this text we will answer all your questions. We will advise you on how to create the best portfolio of all recruits for a given position. It takes just a few minutes with website builders like BOWWE and SquareSpace. 

Creating portfolio with Bowwe website builder

Why do you need a portfolio?

Without a portfolio, you lose a lot. If you have them, on the contrary - you win a lot. What is the purpose of creating a portfolio and what exactly can you gain from it?

1. Build your trust with professional portfolio

Showing your current work inspires confidence in your company or person. If you are just entering the labor market or running a small business, you do not have much recognition yet. You have to win favor in order to progress. The best way to do this is to present your work so far. The portfolio will be your confirmation that you do your job properly, have experience and operate professionally.

2. Be a professional

It does not matter if you run a company or work full-time. By creating a portfolio, you build your professional image. If you can show off your achievements, you do much better in the eyes of potential employers or clients. It is easy to present to clients what our company is already able to do, in which areas it has experience and what types of projects it has already implemented. In this way, it is also possible to present rare services, the name or description of which might not be a sufficient representation for an unfamiliar client. Such visualization will help him understand what a given company offers.

3. Beat your competitors!

The portfolio also helps to highlight your offer against the competition. If most companies or freelancers on the market do not use this type of solution, then if you choose to do so, you will have an advantage. When applying for a job, you will easily beat your rivals! Know that many companies from the SME sector still do not use this type of solutions, so if you run a company and decide to present the experience of your business, you will be ahead of the competition in the field of brand image building. The Portfolio application provided by BOWWE in cooperation with honaro is very helpful in this, which allows you to build a portfolio as easily and quickly as possible, and at the same time takes care of all important aspects - positioning, relevant data, speed, intuitiveness, filters, descriptions, photo gallery, deadline implementation and many more.

4. Earn money online

Creating a portfolio on a corporate website is also a great way to grow your online business. Adding more work done by the company allows you to refresh the page regularly. Thanks to this, its clients can see that it works dynamically and has a positive effect on the positioning of the website in the search engine. To take care of this aspect even better, it is worth using the BOWWE application to create a portfolio. With its use, each subsequent implementation is a new subpage that is optimized for SEO.

Why does everyone need a portfolio?

Many people think. that the portfolio is only useful for artists and freelancers. It is a mistake!
The popularity of the portfolio in other industries is growing year by year. Why? Because in other sectors, it works as well as in the above-mentioned ones. If a graphic designer presents illustrations he has made, as a confirmation of his skills, what prevents a hairdresser from doing the same, presenting hairstyles he has created, or a repair company showing the renovations performed. The portfolio can work in any service industry. Each company can present its offer and skills in this way.

Who will find a portfolio particularly useful? Check out our complete list!


Bowwe professional template for photographers

It is obvious. You want to earn money by creating beautiful photos. But without a portfolio, no one will know what photos you take! Then nobody will trust you and you won't earn any money! And that's why you should put your photos on the web!

A free website generator will be the perfect solution for this. The choice of photography website templates is huge. Each of the templates can be edited to your liking.


Bowwe professional template for freelancers

You don't like contracts and permanent employment? So you can get paid as a freelancer. It doesn't matter if you are a graphic designer, copywriter, web developer or translator? If you can turn your talent or skills into profit, you have what it takes to be a high earning freelancer.

However, here you also need a portfolio that will prove your skills. Website builders are the best choice. Their templates are tailored for freelancers. However, you must remember that not every free template will allow you to, for example, upload your own videos ... except BOWWE, where you can put any type of file on the templates and you have a huge amount of free space


Bowwe professional template for musicians and artists

You're a musician? Do you dream of becoming famous? The music industry needs to recognize your talent first. Besides platforms like Soundcloud where you can upload your recorded songs, you should think about a professional portfolio! Take advantage of website builders. Among the great number of templates, you will also find those dedicated to musicians! In addition, a music portfolio can be created on the Internet very quickly, because it does not require many subpages! The most important thing is the appearance, thanks to which you will convey emotions, achieve a professional image and show your love for music

Small and medium businesses

Bowwe professional template for Professional Adviser

Your company should always have a portfolio. For example, suppose you sell handmade, decorated furniture. You work from home. Do you want to earn good money? You must be known - at least locally. An online portfolio is a great tool for this. By placing them on local forums, groups in social media or portals, you will gain recognition. You will also gain the trust of future customers who will find out about your skills.

Building a portfolio - the most important tips you should know

When preparing a portfolio, regardless of the industry, be sure to remember these rules:

  • Only include your best and very good works in your portfolio. Not sure which of your works are the best? Choose the ones you are most satisfied with and which will be most important to the person who will be viewing your portfolio.
  • Take care of professionalism. If you are preparing, for example, a photographic portfolio, make sure that the photos are of high quality.
  • Take care of many works in your portfolio right away. One picture won't look convincing.
  • Regularly update your portfolio and add new works to it. Have you completed an interesting, successful project? Show him off!
  • Already have a portfolio? Show everyone that it exists and where to find it! Set up your own free website with your portfolio. Go to, use our template and place your projects in it. It's completely free and the effect will be amazing!

Where to create a portfolio?

Have you already decided on a portfolio? You are probably wondering where to create them? Many people then decide to create a portfolio in WordPress. This is a big mistake! WordPress is a non-intuitive tool with a lot of limitations. It is the most popular in the world, but for this reason websites built on WordPress are invisible in search engines and are often attacked by hackers
Be smarter than others! A better idea is to use BOWWE templates as the basis for your own professional and persuasive portfolio that you can make yourself from start to finish. (You can learn more about BOWWE templates here. All our templates use our proprietary portfolio application, which allows you to create a unique portfolio in minutes.

BOWWE - the best place to build a Portfolio

How to start?

Adding a portfolio to a website created using the BOWWE wizard is extremely easy. Thanks to a special, dedicated application, the portfolio is created quickly and easily, and the end result is unique and fully adapted to the entrepreneur. You don't need to know how to program!

How will you benefit from it?

The possibilities of building a portfolio in BOWWE are huge:

  • You can customize the design and colors
  • You can easily change styles in the template,
  • You can easily enter your own logo or other elements

A portfolio created in this way will be the best showcase of your company or yourself!

At BOWWE, you don't need money to create a portfolio. You also don't need to know about creating websites. It only takes a few minutes. Now you know that a portfolio is crucial not only for artists, but all employees and any company that wants to earn more, no matter what they do. If you want to create a portfolio, try the simple and free BOWWE tool !

Contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions and advise you on the best solution for you!


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